Paccheri, Afeltra, 500 gr. Pack


Paccheri, Afeltra, 500 gr. Pack

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1 kg = 8.80 €

Afeltra, Gragnano 

Gragnano near Naples - one of the traditional pasta centers in Italy. Afeltra stands for high-quality handmade pasta according to typical Italian, traditional production. Pasta has been made here for generations. Some say it's the wind that blows through Gragnano and used to dry the pasta - the others say it's the clear, pure water that makes pasta from Gragnano so special.
One thing is certain: Afeltra - this is high-quality pasta, traditionally made.

Handmade almond biscuits according to an old recipe - that's what Seneser Backkunst tastes like! 


Product Details

Description Paccheri, Afeltra, 500 gr. Pack
Area Italy/Gragnano, Campania
Character traditional Pasta
Manufacturer Afeltra
Net quantity 500 gr


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