Top-Seller red wines

1. "Le Sughere di Frassinello" Maremma Toscana, DOC 2013

2. Polvanera 17 Primitivo, Gioia del Colle, DOC 2012

3. "Bric de Luv" Barbera d'Alba, Ca'Viola, DOC 2013

Top-Seller white wines

1. "Vie di Romans" Chardonnay, DOC 2015

2. Pinot Grigio Orientali, Ermacora, DOC 2016

3. "Les Enfants de Frankie" Lugana, CáMaiol, DOC 2016

Wines of Maremma Toscana


Wine of the month… 


"Bric du Luv" Barbera d'Alba Ca'Viola, DOC 2014

Deep ruby ​​red with a hint of raspberry and blackcurrant. Full body with a soft final. Excellent with pasta, grilled meats and pot roast.

€ 21,95/Fl  (€ 29,27/l)

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Barolo, Luca Bosio, DOCG 2013

The Barolo is the result of grapes grown on top vineyards. The ideal wine for pasta, dark meat and spicy hard cheese.

€ 23,90/Fl  (€ 31,87/l) 


Barbera d'Asti, Luca Bosio, DOCG 2016

Deep red in the glass with impressive aromas of red fruits - on the palate full-bodied with velvety tannins. Excellent with risotto and pasta.

€ 7,90/Fl  (€ 10,53/l)


Gavi, Luca Bosio, DOCG 2016

Straw yellow in the glass. Fine aromas of yellow fruits and white flowers on the nose. Wonderful with fish, seafood and salads.

€ 9,50/Fl  (€ 12,67/l)


Langhe Arneis, Luca Bosio, DOC 2016 

Wonderfully straw yellow in its color. Convincing notes of fruits and white flowers - sparkling, elegant and well balanced. Perfect as an aperitif or with fish.

€ 8,90/Fl  (€ 11,87/l)

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"Ciliegiolo" Maremma Toscana, Valdonica, DOC 2013

A true Tuscan from 100% Sangiovese grapes with ripe cherry flavors and granular tannins. Powerful and complex. Wonderful with venison, chocolate or ripe hard cheese.

€ 37,50/Fl  (€ 50,00/l)



"Baciòlo" Riserva, Valdonica, DOC 2013

Convinced with deep structure and strong, balanced tannins - excellent storage ability. For the special enjoyment of old cheese or even chocolate.

€ 27,50/Fl  (€ 36,67/l)



"Saragio" Maremma Toscana Rosso, Valdonica, DOC 2013

Impressive, with a taste of cherry and rosemary, backed by a fine tannin structure. Excellent with meat and game dishes.

€ 19,80/Fl  (€ 26,40/l)



"Arnaio" Rosso Toscana, Valdonica, IGT 2015

Impressive, with a taste of cherry and rosemary, backed by a fine tannin structure. Excellent with meat and game dishes.

€ 11,80/Fl  (€ 15,73/l)



"Mersino" Vermentino Toscana, Valdonica, IGT 2015

A cuvée with a fine floral aroma with citrus and plum flavor. Ideal with antipasti.

€ 9,80/Fl  (€ 13,07/l)

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"Parussi" Barolo, Massolino, DOCG 2011

Fine, elegant, extremely delicate. Ideal for wild and mature to medium-matured cheeses.

€ 59,95/Fl  (€ 79,93/l)


Amarone Classico della Valpolicella, Tenuta Santa Maria, DOCG 2011

Ruby red in its color. Aromas of cherries, dried roses and spicy spices. Wonderful with roast, game, stew and good spicy cheese.

€ 59,90/Fl  (€ 79,87/l)


"iCampi Lunghi" Amarone della Valpolicella, iCampi, DOCG 2012

Wonderful bouquet of overripe fruits, intense notes of spices and chocolate. Simply perfect with game, mushrooms or chocolate.

€ 30,95/Fl  (€ 41,27/l)


Langhe Nebbiolo, Cavallotto, DOC 2015

A Nebbiolo from the Barolo. Beautiful structure with typical notes of a Barolo - red fruits and spices. Ideal with antipasti, red meat or young cheese.

€ 23,90/Fl  (€ 31,87/l)


Polvanera 16 Primitivo, Gioia del Colle, DOC 2011

Ruby red with elegant aromas of blackberries and "Ferrovia" cherries with hints of violets. In the background notes of herbs and licorice. Wonderful with fried meat and mushroom dishes.

€ 19,95/Fl  (€ 26,60/l)


"Valentino" Merlot, Feudi del Pisciotto, IGT 2014

Of Sicilian character. Great elegance and remarkable structure. Easy to match pasta, game and mushroom dishes.

€ 15,70/Fl  (€ 20,93/l)


"Versace" Nero d'Avola, Feudi del Pisciotto, IGT 2014

Full of purity and elegance - 100% Nero d'Avola. A wine, wonderful with dark meat dishes and pasta.

€ 15,60/Fl  (€ 20,80/l)

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